Purported Oppo smartwatch takes only 5 minutes to charge

oppo smartwatch

One of the major issues with Android Wear devices is the poor battery life, but while manufacturers cannot extend the work time out of the tiny internal cells they can boost charge times as Oppo have done with their rumoured smartwatch.

Android Wear is making an appearance in Chinese manufactures smart device ranges. We’ve seen Huawei’s Watch with up to two day battery life, next up could be Oppo. The Oppo smartwatch is still very much a rumour, but insiders who have spoken to people at Oppo seem to believe it is real and coming soon (possibly around the launch of the Oppo Find 9).

What makes the Oppo smartwatch different to other Android Wear devices on the market is it’s charge time. It is reported that the wearable will take just 5 minutes to fully charge! Personally a 5 minute charge time would make all the difference to me, my current LG watch needs charging every night but if I forget to place it in its dock it means no power for the next day. A quick 5 minute blast would solve this.

Oppo have been making lots of advancements in charging technology. The Find 7 originally launched with their VOOC fast charger and the Oppo N3 saw the introduction of the second generation VOOC tech.

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