Zeaplus plan to knock off the Apple Watch with the Zeaplus G2

zeaplus apple watch clone

Zeaplus have announced that they plan to clone the Apple watch with their own device named the Zeaplus G2.

To date I have seen only renders of Zeaplus products which include an iPhone 6 clone and Xiaomi Mi4 wannabe, so I am not sure if the Zeaplus G2 will remain as vaporware or will actually go on sale.

What Zeaplus are claiming though is that their smartwatch will feature a hear rate monitor, activity monitor (exercise and sleep) and probably the usual set of notification and remote application features that we have seen on similar wearables from China. Colour options will include silver, grey or gold, but pricing and a release date have not been announced yet.

zeaplus apple watch clone

After testing numerous wearable from Chinese companies I personally prefer both extremes of the spectrum. The low-end basic fitness trackers like the M-band and high end Android Wear products such as the new Huawei Watch, these mid-smart wearables tend to offer poor battery life, poor stability and few useful features. Only time will tell if the Zeaplus will be any different.

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