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oppo 125W

One of the main deficiencies of our day is time. It is constantly lacking and the world is accelerating in order to have time to …

We can say that along with bezel-less display and big batteries, fast-charging has been one of the hottest trends in the industry. Oppo already unveiled …

After many weeks of speculation and leaks, Vivo finally unveiled the newest member of the F-series today – the Oppo F15. You may think that …

Oppo F15

Every year, Oppo F lineup gets at least two refreshments. Now, we believe that we are about to see the unveiling of a new smartphone …

oppo vooc drone

Oppo have brought plenty of innovations to the Chinese smartphone market over the years and now one of their most loved might make its way in to the drone arena.

oppo r9 vooc

Ok so its not the Oppo Find 9, but from what we saw at MWC the Oppo R9 could be one of the camera phones of the year, and its getting super fast charging.

Three new teasers from OPPO point at some new features that next-gen OPPO phones might have.

oppo n3 review

Yesterday we reported that OPPO would launch new power and camera technologies at MWC, now we might know what those techs could be.

The R7 Plus and iLike Bluetooth in-ear headset

Starting from yesterday, International Oppo fans can can pre-order the large screen Oppo R7 Plus through official channels.

OPPO R7 Plus

Joining the smaller Oppo R7 smartphone, is the Oppo R7 Plus which launched on the 18th August in Southeastern Asia markets and on the 21st in China.

oppo r7 oppo r7 plus

Oppo are no strangers of showing off details of their new phones before launch and are doing so again ahead of the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus launch.

oppo smartwatch

One of the major issues with Android Wear devices is the poor battery life, but while manufacturers cannot extend the work time out of the tiny internal cells they can boost charge times as Oppo have done with their rumoured smartwatch.

Christohper from get’s to review the Oppo R5, but comes away less than impressed! Read the full Oppo R5 review here.

VOOC rapid charging is one of the most exciting features the Oppo Find 7 has to offer. It really is the world’s fastest charging phone, needing …

oppo find 7 vooc

One of the killer features of the Oppo Find 7 range is the super fast VOOC fast charging, now that incredible charging speed can be with you on the go with a new VOOC power bank.