OPPO could launch wireless VOOC and rotating camera at MWC

OPPO could launch wireless VOOC and rotating camera at MWC

oppo n3 review

Yesterday we reported that OPPO would launch new power and camera technologies at MWC, now we might know what those techs could be.

We suggested yesterday that one of the new technologies OPPO has in store for MWC is the latest version of VOOC and this appears to be the case. Apparently VOOC version 3 will be a wireless fast charging system and will be incorporated in to the next OPPO flagship.

Another feature that could be found in the next phone from OPPO is an updated version of their rotation camera feature already seen in action on the OPPO N1 and OPPO N3 phones.

oppo vooc 3.0

According to reports in China the latest rotating OPPO camera cold use a 20 mega-pixel camera, but what other features this new camera update might have we’re not too sure.

If both of these new technologies are to be on show at MWC, then we wonder how OPPO will be displaying them? Could it be possible that the OPPO Find 9 or OPPO N5 (possibly both) will also be at MWC? We’ll find out in just under 4 weeks.

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  • Assefa Hanson

    interesting, not the great great innovation i was expecting. maybe i dream too much

  • E8hffff

    Sensible move to make the camera a flippable module. That way they can have a mega camera and light detection components for both conferencing and photo-shoots and save on costs. Hate the fake leather stitch look though.

    • benoita74

      But yet it makes the top bezel ridiculously big and makes the phone heavier. But I guess (and hope) the motorized flipping camera will still be reserved to the N5

    • Muhammad Yasir

      it could break easily , as well

  • MegaTron

    Wireless VOCC charging sounds good too me. Now I hope the announce the Find 9 very soon.

  • MaxPower

    I like the wireless charge, not a fan of the rotating camera.

    • Alexis T

      Seriously, i don’t see Oppo claiming their rotating camera is a groudbreaking technological advance at MWC 2016, since they sold it already on N1 two years ago.

      This hypothesis is a nonsense.

  • Joel Adames

    design wise GREAT FOR THEM AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE AN IPHONE AGAIN. then it goesd down from there for me. body to screen ratio % is goint to be crazy bad.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    tell me whats so great about VOOC.

    • Nam

      Up to 75% recharging in 30 minutes.
      Technically the best rapid charge system since 2014 and still unbeaten.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        well … then.
        i should be feeling a slight sense of Deprivation …
        since cheap phones will never have this type of charging tech

        • Nam

          Oppo Find 7 was sold at 280€ with Micro SD, now it’s discontinued lol
          I’m using Find 7a currently, waiting for so long for a Find9 or LeTV phone with LTE Band 20.

    • Alexis T

      It’s 9PM, you decide to move to your friend’s for a party. You grab your Find 7 and realize you got 4% left because you forgot to charge it after work.

      Any phone without fast charge => you’re fucked
      Find 7 => you plug it for 5mn et voilà your battery is 20% full => ready to go

      That’s what’s great with VOOC (since April 2014)