OPPO’s teasers for ‘something exciting’ at MWC keep coming in

Find_7_Review (15)It’s fairly well known that OPPO will launch an ‘interesting’ tech at the upcoming MWC 2016, but the brand is keen on keeping the interest levels high before the launch as it keeps pushing teasers every other day.

Today’s teasers talk about the tech in a more graphic manner.

The company reckons that what they’ll launch at the MWC 2016 will be:





Gizchina News of the week

and Fast


The possibility of OPPO launching three different technologies can’t be ruled out either.

Despite OPPO phones not being as popular in the GizChina community as they once were, there’s still something we give the company a lot of credit for: experimentation. It can be easy for a brand as large as OPPO to keep producing stuff that’ll sell, but the brand has dared to venture out of that box.

Testimony to that are phones like the OPPO N1 and N3… besides technologies such as O-touch (rear touch panel) and VOOC (fast charging).

If you notice, the third teaser (‘Fast’) has a tiny battery drawn over it on the bottom right… which pretty much gives away the fact that the company will revamp VOOC tech this MWC.

Like Xiaomi, OPPO skipped releasing a Find 9 (which just leaked, btw) in 2015 in the hunt for a stable SoC.

What about the other two teasers, though? We’ll be at the event live reporting for you.

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  1. Assefa Hanson
    February 17, 2016

    lot at the “thin” seems like we’re getting a 1.0mm thick phone ,vooc is the best quick charge it has the lowest warm up like 3 degrees i believe and is pretty quick.. but im just going to put my expectations low for this tease anyways and i have to agree they do experiment alot

  2. Sam
    February 17, 2016

    I just hope the Find 9 is close to being announced.

  3. Joel Adames
    February 17, 2016

    Is very nice to speriment and all that. But regardless of great charging times, I will repeat:


    that being said, I don’t see why manufacturers still think thinner is so much better that a happy camper able to make it through the whole day…. It just blows my mind…

    Picture this (just as an example) Samsung Galaxy S7 edgePlus+ 64 GB+ sdCardReader+ no RAM issues and a Vanilla interpretation of Android 6 (and not the crazy touchwiz crap) and a good old 4200mah battery.

    Is it that much of a stretch to deal?

    I’m pretty confident that if Samsung were to make such a device it would sell more that the active versions and one or two of those J and As branches do, ohh much more….!!!