Super slim 6-inch Oppo R7 Plus phablet arrives in China

OPPO R7 Plus

Joining the smaller Oppo R7 smartphone, is the Oppo R7 Plus which launched on the 18th August in Southeastern Asia markets and on the 21st in China.

Taking the screen size up to a full 6-inch, the Oppo R7 plus is a larger, but equally slim device as the standard R7. Oppo state the R7 Plus is a mid-range flagship, and as such have added additional features inducing a fingerprint scanner, large battery and fast VOOC charging to the device.

Another standout feature of the Oppo R7 Plus are the narrow bezels which let the screen almost stretch right across the whole device with only the slightly sliver of material at the very edge of the phone.

For a full vibrant user experience the 158 x 82.3 x 7.75mm phone has a 6-inch 1920 x 1080 SUPER AMOLED display, which also happens to have low power consumption features to further extend battery life.

OPPO R7 Plus main feature

Oppo claim that with VOOC you can give the built in 4100mAh battery of the Oppo R7 Plus an extra 2 hours of run time. A nifty feature that is well worth having if you find that you need a quick top up before heading out.

To match it’s mid-range flagship name sake, the R7+ also comes with 3GB RAM, octacore 64bit chipset, and full 4G LTE support.

I actually saw one in the flesh yesterday and it was a rather good looking phone. If I see one again I’ll be sure to get some real photos of it.

[ Oppo ]
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