iOcean MT6752 Rock vs JiaYu S3 video comparison

If you are looking at a midrange flagship Android phone from China, then the iOcean MT6752 Rock and JiaYu S3 are likely candidates for you. To make life a little easier here is a hands on comparison of both phones.

JiaYu launched their S3 earlier this year and the phone has been an instant hit with fans so Chinese phones, JiaYu and good quality devices in general. Shortly after JiaYu launched the S3, iOcean brought their MT6752 Rock on the market with similar hardware but quirky design and styling. Of the two phones which one is better for you? Watch our hands on comparison to find out.

iOcean MT6752 Rock vs JiaYu S3 video comparison

iOcean MT6752 Rock vs JiaYu S3 video comparison: Which to choose?

With both phones packing similar specifications it really comes down to just a few details as to which I personally recommend you buy.

The iOcean MT6752 Rock comes with 3GB RAM as standard, is slightly thinner and has a 14 mega-pixel rear camera, it also has a more original design but it comes down to personal preference as to if you actually like the look of it or not.

The JiaYu S3 is the cleaner, more simple looking phone, it also has a larger 3000mAh battery, shorter and narrower body, cleaner looking UI, dual LED flash and proven 13 mega-pixel Sony IMX214 sensor.

After spending many weeks with both phone I can happily say that both flagship devices offer high-end performance and for gaming and everyday use there really isn’t much more that you could want for. Looking at the other features though and I would say that the UI and finish of the ROM on the JiaYu S3 just seems a little more polished, plus the camera on the S3 performs better than the iOcean based on current ROM versions.

Both the iOcean MT6752 Rock and JiaYu S3 are available internationally now. Do you own one of these phones? Do you plan do buy one? Let us know which you prefer and why below.

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