How is your Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Performing?

How is your Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Performing?

xiaomi yi action camera

Last week we received 2 Xiaomi Yi Action camera’s for review, but we’re not the only ones and users are experiencing varied performance from the budget GoPro.

Since receiving a white and green version of the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera last week, I have been running the GoPro wannabe on my helmet while mountain biking. So far I have only tested the Jungle Green model, and have found audio to be clear, and video to be good unless the terrain becomes extremely rocky and fast. Also, the video preview mode in 60fps is very unstable, but overall I have been happy with video and audio when taken on smooth and moderately rocky terrain (it’s good in slower technical stuff).

But it seems I might be one of the luckier users of the Yi Action camera. There are reports from other users around the web of dreadful video quality, and terrible audio. Some users have complained of odd content beeping behaviour too and issues with the 1920 x 1080 60fps video option.

Below are 3 samples from the Xiaomi Yi Action camera that I have made to give you an idea of video quality. The first sample is with the video still, 2nd is over moderately fast rocky terrain, and the 3rd over slower technical terrain.

So how about your Xiaomi Yi Action camera experiences? Are you suffering any of the above issues, or are these problems only affecting a small few? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Freeje

    SJ6000 seems to be a better bet. Cheaper too with all the accessories included.

    • would like to try one, looks pretty good

      • Freeje

        Will get one next week. A little less than 500 kuai online.

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

    You get what you pay for.

  • Andrei Pavel

    To late. I buy one. Is on the road 🙂

  • Anyád

    The official Sjcam sj4000 has better image quality, I think.

    • Gay_Warrior


  • Mabbott212

    I’m having a lot of problems getting the camera to connect to my phone. Can’t get the blue WiFi light to flash. It just stays solid on and my phone won’t connect to it.

    • ZachyBobby

      Im having the same issue. Mine won’t do anything.

    • Mine stays on when in wifi. And is connecting easly. Did you download the app?

  • NewYiuser

    You can’t judge the quality by the Preview on your phone. I have heard that this camera Saves two files of the video. One is low quality for the Preview and the other is the full quality video that needs to be transferred to your PC for viewing.

  • Mikel

    Hi Andi,
    Does the selfie stick have any button to take pictures?

    At says 蓝牙遥控器远程操控, which means Bluetooth Remote Control
    Hope you can anwer my question, thanks

    • It has a seperate remote control it is not built in.,but you can order one as a set.

  • Ori

    got it today , I order from honorbuy.

    White v , Sound very very low So disappointed and images are blur .
    Any fix for that issue ?

  • JBK28

    Got mine from Xiaomi World. Also bought a redmi Note 4G from them and have been happy but the Yi went belly up after a few hours. Now when I hit the power button it just beeps constantly and will not enter video or still mode…have to remove the battery to stop the beeping :>(. Have emailed Xiaomi World support but, so far, no response…

  • rahmanhatim93

    i have problem with 60fps record,not full record..just 35 second and stop and record new video 35 seond again

  • Bsoft2007

    I´ve order mine from powerplanetonline. the xiaomi yi turn on and seems everything ok, but when you try to take a snapshop or record anything, it does nothing, says “there is no sd”. i’ve put inside a class 10 Toshiba micro sd formated FAT 32, and nothing. strange that i use the same card to update camera firmware, Must be a bad unit.

  • Bianca

    Can’t get the blue WiFi light to flash

    • Klaas A. de Jong

      Wait a little longer. The blue light is for bluetooth apparently. When it’s blue, keep the button pressed until it starts flasing.

      • You need to press 2 times(not hold) for blotooth remote. And for wifi just to turn it on. Not to flash.

  • Mosh

    i had high hopes with the xiaomi yi….my phone camera takes better images than this yi,….i am very disappointed the photos don’t look the same as the ones posted on their website…am just sad….

  • I got mine(colour version) a week ago, am very happy with it. Got dual charger and original selfie stick too, with the blutooth remote. Need to wait about 10sec after turn it on and then blutooth works everytime.

  • erictheking87

    Helmet-mounted cams are nice thing, unless you crash. The helmet cam actually turned Michael Schumacher into a vegetable…