Subor bring us one step closer to bezel-less phones

subor s3

Subor crop up now and then here on GizChina this time though they have an original design sporting 0.7mm bezels.

Bezel-less design is what plenty of smartphone makers have been striving for but the Subor S3 is the closest we have seen from a ‘standard’ phone design with super narrow bezels. According to Subor’s promotional releases the S3 has bezels either side of the 5-inch HD display that measure only 0.7mm each.

Overall dimensions are 141.5 x 70.3 x 7.8mm, so although the phone does appear to have large upper and lower sections the actual length isn’t too bad and the width is very good.

Costing 1399 Yuan the Subor S3 is an affordable device but the high-class design has eaten in to the specifications of the phone. RAM is just 1GB, and there is only 8GB of internal storage. The MT6732 chip is a good one, but a 1700mAh battery is seriously below spec these days.

Subor have only officially released the S3 in China where it can be had in either white or black. Resellers are sure to offer the phone too, but don’e expect low prices.

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