Oppo patent shows how they plan to make super slim bezels on future phones

samsung galaxy s6 edge
Galaxy S6 Edge on the left Mi Note on the right

A leaked patent from China’s Oppo shows how the company plan create a larger screen area and thinner bezels that will likely cost much less than traditional curved glass.

We’ve seen curved displays on the latest Samsung phones, but judging by the price of those devices the process of making such a display is extremely high. Never fear though as a leaked patent from Oppo might point to a new method of reducing the cost and bring near bezel-less curved displays to lower-costs.

The patent shows how Oppo plan to replace the standard bezels of their phones with a curved transparent component. This material is designed to reflect the light from the main display and effectively project content on to the edges.

It is unclear from the patent if these edges will be touch sensitive or not, but from our understanding it does appear to at least make a phone appear to have it’s side bezels removed.

No word from Oppo when we might see this “special light guide structure” in use, but here’s hoping for an Oppo Find 9 debut.

[ GsmArena ]
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