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Chipsets Shortage

The world of technology is facing a major issue in 2021 due to the global chip supply shortage. It is affecting from smartphones to video …

Microsoft AnyVision

Microsoft has announced that it will withdraw the investment it had made in the Israeli facial recognition startup AnyVision. In addition to stopping that, it …

Drone Coronavirus

It sure sounds like a science fiction movie, but drones can now detect COVID-19. The initial testings are being done in Australia, and it could …

in-display fingerprint sensor

Chinese tech company Goodix unveiled the world’s first in-display fingerprint sensor at MWC 2017. The sensor fits into a smartphone’s AMOLED display.

Low battery

When it comes to predicting the future of battery technology, your best bet is as good as ours. Here is a list of 4 futuristic battery technologies.

Yesterday we had a chance to take a peek at the photo of the upcoming Elephone R9 phone in the beautiful “sapphire classic” blue variant, …

China’s ZTE could be developing a new battery technology that promises to give 2 to 3 more endurance than conventional batteries already in the market. …

samsung galaxy s6 edge

A leaked patent from China’s Oppo shows how the company plan create a larger screen area and thinner bezels that will likely cost much less than traditional curved glass.

2015 is well underway and we have seen some important steps that are driving the Chinese smartphone industry forward, but what is going to be the real game change for 2015?

samsung 10nm

Forget your 28nm and 20nm, forget even the rumoured 16nm from Huawei! Samsung will be releasing 10nm based SoC’s in the near future.

There are lots of trends this year, but we want to hear which trends you want to see followed and which you would happily forefeit in your next generation Android smartphone.

Benchmarks of over 47,000 is only part of the story for the new Mediatek MT6595 and MT6795, they also boast amazing mutlimedia advances too.


Students at the University of Akron claim to have developed a new flexible material that could mean the end of cracked displays.

xiaomi technology park

China’s Xiaomi are full of surprises and today there was a big one! The announcement of the companies own technology park!

Graphene might be the next big thing in mobile phone screen technology. It is flexible, conductive and over 300x stronger than steel.

Huawei’s Ascend G6, aka the low-cost Huawei Ascend P6 has been sighted at the Ministry of Technology where some interesting hardware details have been revealed.

Little known smartphone manufacturer Xiao Chong Technology has announced a new customisable smartphone called the MyPhone.

Little known phone manufacturer Tiancheng Technology have posted photos of their Heimi (black rice) phone which will launch in March next year. Not only will …

Chinese phone maker SR Technology have leaked the first image of their Snapdragon powered Zhi Jian D1!

Qualcomm have been talking about their Mirasol display for years, and now it finally looks ready to launch, at least in some applications.