Xiaomi celebrate 5 years with the release of 5 new products

xiaomi mitv 55-inch

To celebrate 5 amazing years, Xiaomi have announced the launch of 5 new products at a Mi Fan Event next month. Keep reading for the details.

It’s hard to believe that the 4th largest phone maker in the world only started life 5 years ago! Xiaomi have had an amazing half decade and to celebrate their rise to success have announced 5 new products.

The devices include a new pink version of the Xiaomi Mi Note, the 55-inch version of the MiTV 2, a Mi Power Strip, Mi Smart Scale and Redmi 2A.

Mi Note Pink Edition

pink mi note

The pink version of the Mi Note is basically the same phone as the basic version of the current Mi Note but with a limited edition pink finish under the curved glass and alloy exterior. Being a special edition version of the phone the pink model also comes with a 5000mAh Xiaomi power bank all for the low cost of only 2499 Yuan.

MiTV 2 55-inch

xiaomi mitv 55-inch

The MiTV 2 gets supersized to 55-inch. The larger flat screen TV boasts a 55-inch 4K Ultra LED Samsung panel, MStar 6A928 processor, 2GB RAM, Wireless sounder and all new aluminium subwoofer.

Pricing of the MiTV 2 55-inch is 4999 Yuan in China, but don’t expect to see many of these available internationally yet as import tax is very high.

Mi Power Strip

mi power strip

The Mi Power Strip is a new slim charging strip that is around the same thickness as a pencil-case. The Power Strip houses 3 power sockets and 3 USB ports which provide fast 2A charging. Xiaomi have also added a childproof internal shutter mechanism and surge protected USB’s all for just 49 Yuan.

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Mi Smart Scale

mi smart scale

The Xiaomi Smart Scale was leaked ahead of the launch, and we had already seen the white glass bathroom accessory, but more details have now been released. The Mi Smart Scale is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and will connect via your Mi Fit App. Cost is just 99 Yuan, so 100 Yuan cheaper than Meizu’s similar device.

Xiaomi Redmi 2A

Redmi 2A

Last but not least is the China Mobile only version of the Xiaomi Redmi 2A. The phone will cost only 499 Yuan on the day of the Mi Fan Festival with the price rising to 599 Yuan after. The Redmi 2A is the Leadcore powered phone we have been waiting to see launched and will feature 1GB RAM, 8 mega-pixel Omnivision rear camera, and a 2200mAh battery.

Xiaomi will turn 5 years old on April 6 withe the Mi Fan Festival taking part on the 8th of April. As well as the new products Xiaomi fans will also be able to pick up a limited edition Mi4 with 2GB RAM for 1699 Yuan, and will even be able to get up to 50% of Xiaomi accessories.

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