Xiaomi MiBand now has a leather strap option

xiaomi mi band leather

The Xiaomi MiBand is a basic, yet very useable little wearable, but it’s not really the type of thing you can wear at a dinner date or a meeting, or is it?

Xiaomi have offered various silicon rubber straps for the MiBand since launch. Available in black, green, red, blue etc, the rubber option is cheap, cheerful and hard-wearing, but not exactly classy.

To ensure that you are still counting your steps and monitoring your exercise, Xiaomi have released a leather strap for the MiBand complete with alloy case. The brains of the MiBand simply slot in to the leather wrist strap of a more upmarket look.

The strap also features a more traditional watch strap fastening for a more secure fit, a useful feature as the rubber straps to tend to stretch meaning you can lose your MiBand in your sleeve quite easily.

It all looks good until you look at the price which some international resellers have marked up at over $40, or in other words about the cost of to regular MiBands!

[ GizChina.it ]
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