Oppo N3 released in India for Rs 42,990

oppo n3 review

Oppo’s oddly designed N3 with rotating camera has been officially listed in India at wallet scaring Rs 42,990.

The Oppo N3 is the second generation Oppo smartphone to come with the distinct swivel camera design. Updates over the original Oppo N1 include a smaller 5.5-inch design, new notification beam, motorised rotation camera, 16 mega-pixel lens VOOC fast charging, LTE, NFC and a fingerprint scanner (to name just a few!).

For fans of photography the Oppo N3 is a fantastic camera phone, a difficult one to beat on camera performance alone, but as a phone the design is a little flawed with odd headphone jack and USB port locations (read all about it in our Oppo N3 review).

If you are in the market for a good camera-centric device, you are in India and can live with the odd design then the N3 can be yours for Rs 42,990 ($690).

[ Oppo ]
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