IUNI U3 prices cut to 1799 Yuan in China, world’s cheapest 2K...

IUNI U3 prices cut to 1799 Yuan in China, world’s cheapest 2K phone

iuni u3

IUNI have slashed the price of their already low cost IUNI U3 flagship from 2000 Yuan to only 1799 Yuan.

The IUNI U3, the current flagship IUNI device, was already a bargain flagship at the original cost of 2000 Yuan, but now it’s a steal and can be had for just 1799 Yuan or $290!

We reviewed the IUNI U3 a while back and found and found the price to hardware ratio to be amazing. Specifications for the phone include a 5.5-inch Sharp 2K display (2560 x 1440), Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.3Ghz, 3GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel rear camera with OIS and LG 3000mAh battery.

The U3 comes in white, black and mint green. Hopefully this low price will be reflected in reseller pricing in the coming weeks.

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  • Maxiao

    I’ve had the U3 for 5 months now and love it. Good hardware, comfortable one day battery life, the OS is really intuitive and clean. Only thing I don’t much like is the front camera but generally id highly recomend it.

    • Rob

      Are Google services available for it yet? I ordered one Christmas time then cancelled it because play store was not available.

      • Matt Wright

        If its got root, it wont be hard to istall Google services

        • Rob

          Unfortunately when I read up on it at the time it wasn’t that simple as there was a compatability issue. Wondered if there was on OTA update to fix this.

          • Matt Wright

            I cant say, I got a MX4 over the iuni in the end due to the same issue, but I do like the design of the iuni better.
            I sure I read somewhere that root is possible now.

  • joe


  • iKosh

    It could have been much cheaper without the 2K display.

  • Baichow

    LG G3 3Gb in China drop price to 1050 yuan. Much cheaper than this one.

  • Yury

    I used it for 4 month.
    Have little issues, but I’m satisfied 99%.
    Excellent phone!

    • Kamui

      …Big issues

      • Yury

        not big

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

    It’s also the world’s thickest 2k phone if I’m not mistaken.

    Honestly for 1799 I’d rather pick up a MX4 but that’s me.

  • toioioio

    whats the single charge,on-screen time of this?

    would any one recomend it over the honor 6 and zte9 max?