UMi Hammer Smash Test – How Tough is the Hammer?

umi hammer smash test

With all the benchmarks and photos out of the way for the upcoming UMi Hammer review, it was time to have a little fun and see just how tough the Hammer really is. Find out in our smash video.

In our first hands on and impressions of the UMi Hammer I took a sturdy metal spanner to the screen to see if it would break. It didn’t, and from that moment on I decided to make it my duty to see how much punishment the UMi Hammer can actually take.

For this video I decided to drop the phone from various heights to see what kind of protection the tough alloy chassis provides the Hammer. First up was a couple of waist height drops (at the start of the video) which I redid as you couldn’t actually see the phone hitting the concrete floor. After 4 waist drops I moved on to a wall drop, drops above my head and finally throwing the UMi Hammer at a wall. See the results in the following video.

UMi Hammer Smash Test Video

The drop from the wall which caught the corner of the screen was unfortunate for the Hammer. If it hadn’t been for that early break then I have every confidence that the screen would have stayed in one piece for longer.

I’ve been fortunate enough with my time with phones to only have broken one and that was a Meizu MX3 from waist height. The screen shattered and the digitizer died, it was an expensive repair. The UMi Hammer wend through way more abuse and even with a smashed screen the phone remains functional.

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UMi went out to make a phone that could take knocks and drops and I feel that they have done a solid job for the money. Of course the phone will break if you torture it enough, but it will just take larger and more frequent drops to do so.

The UMi Hammer will be officially released for sale on the 20th April. The phone features a 5-inch 720p display, 2GB RAM and 64bit Mediatek MT6732 processor with LTE. Our full review will be up next week.

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