Watch: Hugo Barra tears through the compact Xiaomi Mi 4i

The Xiaomi Mi 4i may have been lauded for being the compact and good looking device that it is, but it seems like it isn’t all about outer appearance for the phone.

A teardown by Hugo Barra himself for PhoneRadar reveals that the phone looks as good on the inside. It is mentioned that due to the super-compact nature of the internals, addition of a microSD slot was made impossible. The narrator rightly adds that the second SIM slot could double up as a microSD slot, an answer to which we’re still looking for.

Nonetheless, take a look at the Mi 4i teardown video here:


As I mentioned before, and as you can see from the video, the components on the Mi 4i are indeed quite tightly packed. In fact, the motherboard that sits inside the Mi 4i is the smallest that Xiaomi has ever produced for a smartphone!

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Meanwhile, if you’ve paid attention, you’ll realize Barra once again confirms that the 13 mega-pixel sensor on the Mi 4i is indeed the one that is found on the much more expensive Mi Note. This means that the Mi 4i should have better picture taking abilities than the more expensive Mi 4.

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