Xiaomi 5.2-inch Mi5 and 6-inch Mi5 Plus to launch in July?

With Xiaomi already having the Mi Note in their range it would seem they wouldn’t need another large screen flagship, but that isn’t what insiders are claiming.

If the Xiaomi Mi Note is too small or the Mi4 not big enough then rumours of an Mi5 and Mi5 Plus might meet your size requirements.

According to insiders, Xiaomi are working on a Xiaomi Mi5 with 5.2-inch display to replace the current Mi4. The phone will come with a 2K panel (seems overkill for the size), Snapdragon 810 CPU and between 3-4GB RAM. Like other flagships, the Mi5 will boast a fingerprint scanner, large 3000mAh battery and a 16 mega-pixel main camera.

If that’s too small though then the Mi5 Plus could be one to wait for. Like the standard Mi5 it will get up to 4GB RAM, 16 mega-pixel camera and a 2K display, but on a much large 6-inch canvas. The details also state a Zero bezel design to keep the overall width of the phone to a minimum.

Obviously Xiaomi have been quiet about the details of their future phones, but we could see the release of the Xiaomi Mi5 and Mi5 Plus as early as July.

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