Chinese smartphone market sees a slump after 6 years of growth

China is the world’s biggest market, and that isn’t a surprise, for the country also happens to be the most populous. Here at GizChina though, we focus on the smartphone side of things, and that’s one place where the Chinese market is as exciting as anything.

You may be surprised to hear this amid smartphone launches, booming sales and such, but the number of shipments to the Chinese market has actually decreased — after 6 strong years of growth. Market research firm IDC revealed the astounding fact after a thorough skim of the market.

Smartphone shipments in China fell by 4%, translating to 98.8 million units in the first quarter of 2015.

“China is often thought of as an emerging market but the reality is that the vast majority of phones sold in China today are smartphones, similar to other mature markets like the US, UK, Australia, and Japan,” added Kitty Fok of IDC China.

According to the report, the number one maker in the Chinese market remains to be Apple with a 14.7% market share, closely followed by ‘China’s Apple’ i.e., Xiaomi with 13.7%. Another noticeable trend is the international expansion that a lot of Chinese brands are undergoing. It seems as though these brands — such as Xiaomi, Meizu, OPPO, etc. — would be happy to retain what they have in China while they continue growing their user base outside the country.

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