China gets the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition for 1799 Yuan

meizu ubuntu mx4 launched

Today, Meizu in China have announced that the Ubuntu Meizu MX4 will cost 1799 Yuan and will be up for sale shortly!

Last week we reported that Meizu would release the much-anticipated Ubuntu Meizu MX4 today, and just like clockwork this is exactly what has happend. So far only the Chinese Meizu website is showing the launch announcement but we believe that Meizu international will also announced the same news later today on Facebook.

The Meizu MX4 Ubuntu edition is a joint effort between Meizu and Canonical and the first Meizu phone to run a Ubuntu and available to the public. The MX3 also had an Ubuntu model but it was never released for sale.

Specs for the Ubuntu MX4 are the same as the Android version with Mediatek MT6595 chipset, LTE, 20.7 mega-pixel camera, and 1080p display. Below is our hands on video with the phone from MWC earlier this year.

Thanks to Cngdgt for the tip!

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