Cube to launch Android tablet running Remix OS

remix os cube tablet

Chinese tablet maker are looking to use Remix OS on an upcoming Android tablet launching later in the year.

Remix OS is an Android based operating system which basically gives the mobile OS the look, feel and some of the features of a desktop operating system. Remix will be releasing an Android 5.0 build of the OS with support keyboard short cuts, and mouse input, plus multi window support.

Not much is known about the Cube Remix tablet other than it will be using Remix OS 1.5, the rest is still a mystery.

As of the time of writing there is also is currently only the Remix Ultra tablet on the market running the system. The Ultra is an alloy bodied tablet, with premium build but an uncanny outward appearance to the Microsoft Surface.

Cube have been making Android tablets for years, and recently launched a range of Windows tablets. A Remix tablet would be a neat way of bridging the gap between the two.

Thanks to Simon for the tip!

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