Xiaomi Mi Band adds Google Fit support.

Taking a ride on the launch of Xiaomi’s Mi Store the US, UK, Germany and France. Xiaomi adds support for Google Fit to their popular Mi Band.

The Mi band fitness tracker is a simple and affordable wearable, but rather than trying to be an extension of your phone it offers just the simple job of monitoring your sleep and sports activities. There is no screen only a few LED lights, and while this may not sound like much it means the Mi Band has a 30 battery life and does it’s few simple roles very well.

The Mi Band connects to your phone via the Mi Fit application which has just received an new update. Besides some updates in the UI, Bug Fixes and other general improvements, the new update brings support for Google Fit.

Being Google Fit compatible now means that the Mi Band should work for cycling and other activites not supported before. The new update has just reached Play Store and can be downloaded just now.

[Source] [Mi Fit]
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