Meizu talks about revolutionizing the home button with the m2 note

Meizu makes some of the better looking phones in China. There’s an obvious inspiration at times, but other than that most phones that Meizu has released do happen to be decent pieces of kit.

The next in line Meizu is going to be the m2 note, successor to the m1 note. According to leaks, the phone will have the octa-core MediaTek MT6753 chipset, 2GB of RAM and a 5.5-inch/5.7-inch display. That’s what Meizu don’t want you to know before the launch, but there’s something they do want to tell you about — the home button.

Meizu sort of happen to be the originators of the glowing halo home button which is now extremely popular. If I’m not wrong, the MX2 was the first Meizu phone which had that feature, and has since been a favourite. A teaser posted by Meizu however suggests that it is about to change. The teaser reads ‘Home button revolution’.

I’m not sure if we do need another revolution as of now, but I’m pretty excited to see what Meizu do with the so-called revolution. The phone is set to launch in a couple of days from now, at the ‘602’ event on June 2nd.

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