OnePlus Two confirmed NOT to come June 1st, actual timeframe revealed

One Plus

Modders and hackers and those on the lookout for a decent phone that doesn’t cost too much went into a frenzy after OnePlus posted the ‘Time to change’ teaser a few days back. The teaser talked about a new announcement which would come from the company on June 1st, and the above mentioned sets of people naturally thought it would be the launch of the next OnePlus phone.

It turns out however, that June 1 isn’t when the OnePlus Two will see light of day. And this bit is as authentic as it can be — it comes from the OnePlus co-founder. So, if it isn’t going to be the OnePlus Two on June 1st, what could it be? Some feel it could be a US$50 price cut for the phone, which is already pretty good value despite its age in the market. Pei confirmed it wouldn’t be a new device.

While June 1st won’t see the launch of the OnePlus Two, Pei confirmed that the phone would launch in Q3 2015… which means that OnePlus Two should be available by September at max.

OnePlus has turned out to be a company to watch out for. Their marketing strategies might not be to everyone’s taste, but the products the company has launched so far have almost all been very impressive.

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