Exclusive: 5-inch Bluboo X500 will come with 4GB RAM and Helio X10 chipset!

bluboo x500

Bluboo are heading in to flagship territory with the Bluboo X500 Dragon. A flagship boasting specifications that rival the best of the best.

Someone at Bluboo turned around at the start of 2015 and said “no more” to generic devices, and made the decision to turn the fortunes of the company round with some well designed phones capable of disrupting the phone market.

Phones we have seen from Bluboo so far are the C100, a $99 phone with Android 5.1, LTE, 2GB RAM and HD display, and the Bluboo X550 with 5300mAh battery, Android 5.1 and 2GB RAM. With the entry-level and mid-range bases covered it is time to tackle the flagship end of the market.

The Bluboo X500 ‘Dragon’ will be Bluboo’s top of the range phone for 2015. These images are the first time the phone has been shown to the public and were sent to us from Bluboo along with a few specification highlights.

Bluboo tell us that they plan to release 2 models of the X500. Both phones will share the same 5-inch display and Mediatek Helio X10 chipset with the only differences (so far) being the choice of either 3GB or 4GB RAM.

Those specs would make it one of the most powerful Chinese Mediatek phones on the market with 5-inch display, a display size often overlooked by makers of flagship phones.

We’ve asked for more information and will post details as soon as we get them.

[ Bluboo ]
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