Elephone goes for a Samsung 3L2 sensor in the P8000

elephone P8000 samsung camera

With Sony struggling to keep up with orders, phone makers are looking for alternate camera sensor to use in their new phones.

A few weeks back Sony announced that it was struggling to keep up with the demand for Sony IMX214 13 mega-pixel sensors. It isn’t surprisingly really as it seems that pretty much every Chinese phone maker wants to use the 13 mega-pixel sensor in it’s latest phone. The IMX214 is a 13 mega-pixel chip capable of 4K video and found in the Xiaomi Mi Note, OnePlus One, Oppo Find 7, LeTV X600, Ulefone Be Touch and Elephone P7000 to just name a few.

With demand high and supply low, Chinese vendors are looking for alternatives, one of them being Samsung. Just like Sony, Samsung produce a wide range of camera sensors for phones and tablets, with a model to suit pretty much all needs.

For example the Samsung S5K3L2 is a 13 mega-pixel sensor which can film at 30fps, and has a pixel size of 1.12. It is also the camera which Elephone will be using in their upcoming P8000 smartphone.

The information was leaked in the above image produced for the promotion of the upcoming phone. It also details the use of a 5 mega-pixel front facing camera with beautification features.

What are your thoughts on the use of Samsung camera sensors? And do you really believe that the IMX214 is really necessary when most Chinese phones still don’t offer 4K video recording?

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