Next OnePlus phone will indeed be called the OnePlus 2

Before the launch of the One, OnePlus held a contest where participants posted pictures taken on their smartphones, and the best ones got a chance to test the OnePlus One’s camera (minus the surrounding phone). And then there was another where the winner won a trip to the OnePlus offices to be the first to try out the One.

This time round, OnePlus is having another one of these contests — Photo Mania 2015 — which will allow three winners a free trip to Hong Kong to try out the OnePlus 2. This also confirms the fact that the upcoming phone will indeed go by that name.

More information about the contest can be found on the OnePlus forums. Contests such as these have played a pivotal role in OnePlus’ marketing and publicity, where word-of-mouth has dominated any other form of advertising. OnePlus seems keen to continue on that road, from the looks of it.

The One was a mighty impressive phone for its time, and its still selling — at a discounted price, that too. The interesting bit here is that no one really knew OnePlus or had any expectations from the One, but now that the bar is raised high, I wonder how the company will react to all the hype that’s bound to be created.

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