$65 No.1 Sun S2 smartwatch gets unboxed

no1 s2 sun smartwatch

When Chinese phone maker No.1 aren’t making clones of other companies phones they like to make smartwatches. Here is their latest No.1 Sun S2 in an unboxing video.

Originally seen in renders, the No.1 S2 Sun, is a metal bodied smartwatch with round touch display designed to look more like a traditional timepiece rather than a wearable fitness tracker.

The watch has options for either a metal watch strap or leather strap, but retains sports features such as a heart rate monitor for use when exercising. Like most smartwatches from China the wearable doesn’t run Android Wear, and needs to be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth for it to reach its full potential.

As you can see in the video the S2 comes with a magnetic charging station, and features a thermometer and its own dedicated Android application for setting the watch up on your phone. No.1 will be selling these watches for just $65, which isn’t that expensive compared to some smartwatches we have seen.

More details of the No.1 Sun S2 can be found on the official product page here.

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