Meizu branded ‘mCharge’ fast charging will be a feature of the MX5

meizu mx5

A couple of leaked images this morning show the Meizu MX5 along with details of a fast charging technology Meizu are calling mCharge.

With the Meizu MX5 rumoured to be running a Mediatek chipset, and with rumours that the Taiwanese chip maker have bought major shares in the phone maker, it makes perfect sense that Meizu would add more tech from the partner in to their newest phone.

According to these leaked images, the Meizu MX5 will boast a fast charging system that can give the phone 25% power in only 10 minutes and 60% in just 40 minutes. Which sounds a lot like the Mediatek’s Pump Express Plus feature.

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meizu mx5 mcharge

We’ve seen Pump Express Plus on the Bluboo X550 also, and looking at the charge times believe that the Meizu MX5 will have a battery size of around 3100-3300mAh.

In addition to the new charging tech and a Mediatek processor, the alloy bodied MX5 is also believed to have 3GB RAM, 20 mega-pixel main camera, with a Mediatek MT6795T running the show.

The MX5 is believed to launch on the 30th June with a price of 1799 Yuan.

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  1. Ja Kupac
    June 24, 2015

    The price is 260EUR? :))) I would like to buy this phone. I just want to know will he have a dual sim and IMX 240 🙂 And i will give 300EUR for thi phone :)))))

    • assdds
      June 24, 2015

      lol, 300 to much man

      • xc
        June 25, 2015

        300 too much?? What do you smoke? 🙂

        • Manos
          June 25, 2015

          if you keep it 2 years its 150 per year I think its a good deal.

    • DreadShade
      June 25, 2015

      MX4 already has that

  2. Yusri
    June 24, 2015

    This is best step what is doing a Meizu. Low cost and very good phone. Is this will be the price I will buy it. If not, I would buy OnePlus Two…

    Is posible to install Ubuntu on MX5? 🙂

    • MaxPower
      June 24, 2015

      The official Ubuntu version of the MX4 if not out yet.
      The MX5 is not out yet.

      too early to say that

  3. lol
    June 24, 2015

    dude, the overpricedness of other compagnies got to you, thinking 260 is cheap, sheezz

  4. Mx5???
    June 24, 2015

    Hey Andy!!!

    Can you please translate this? Here is a full specification of MX5.

    How i see there is no dual sim :(((
    And I didint see which is camera, which sensor etc..

  5. Antonis
    June 24, 2015

    I’ll wait and see if there will be a 64GB version of the phone supposedly Meizu doesn’t fit a MicroSD slot. But if it does so, I’ll go for the 16 or 32GB version. Its’ price seems to me more than fair, comparing to LeTV One Pro that I love which costs approximately 450€. If the price stays low (under 370€) I’ll buy it, otherwise I’ll place an order from the OnePlus European store for OnePlus 2.

  6. nilinaxolotl
    June 25, 2015

    LeTV One or MX5?