More images of the 10,000mAh Oukitel K10000 phone leaked


More leaked photos this time of the actual device show the 10,000mAh Oukitel K10000, plus we have a few specification details to go along with them too.

Large battery phones are nothing new, but a phone with a 10,000mAh battery! Now that is something completely different and so far it has never been tried before. The largest battery we have seen (from the top of our head) is a 6000mAh battery in the latest Gionee phones, but in a battery war it is Oukitel who have the real firepower!

Now officially known as the Oukitel K10000, we can see the device looks a little more robust than a standard smartphone. It is unclear from the images if Oukitel are making a rugged device or a luxury phone with the K10000, or perhaps it is a mix of both.

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A 10,000mah battery pack is of course the jewel in the specification crown, but we can also reveal that the K10000 will come with a 5.5-inch 720p display, Mediatek MT6735 chipset, 2GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and 5 mega-pixel front. Android 5.1 Lollipop will be installed as standard.

Still no mention of fast charging or battery life expectancy, but a launch date is penned in for a few months from now.

[ Oukitel ]
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  1. claude
    July 1, 2015

    Realesed date for this monster ?

  2. ufg
    July 1, 2015

    Looks great! Cool design, good specs, non overkill screen resolution, and it’ll last for days assuming they’re not lying.

  3. Paul Sleight
    July 1, 2015

    Someone needs to tell them to use a mt6752 or mt6753 chipset. The mt6735 is just not quite good enough for this device, (or any except ultra low budget devices). I assume that they want it to last for as long as possible, which is good, but it is at the expense of usability. This could be a winner with the right chip.

  4. KekeKro
    July 1, 2015

    OK, I need long battery time, beside, need at least mt6752 SoC.

  5. Saad
    July 1, 2015

    whats the weight of this thing ? 1 kg ??

  6. July 1, 2015

    MT 6735 is a BIG NO!!! If they wanted to go with the quads for power efficiency, why not MT6732? Better still, MT6752 will be much better in this.

  7. Muhammad Yasir
    July 1, 2015

    10000 MAH !?! on a 720p Panel ?!
    Battery-philes will buy this like crazy !

    • Yeti hand
      July 1, 2015


  8. Hans
    July 1, 2015

    Smart cars makes an electric car with batteries like this with a range of 1000 km

  9. Greenhill
    July 1, 2015

    Motorola-ish design, which is nice

  10. Riccardo Benzoni
    July 1, 2015

    If it won’t have fast charging, it will require a full day of charging with a 1A charger! Anyway, that’s a powerbank made smartphone, shame for the useless SoC!

    • irebel
      July 2, 2015

      the mt6735 is far from useless. some people don’t need a phone that scores 50.000 Antutu points. They want a phone to use messaging, calls and such.
      Lots of SoC on phones are overkill … but hey, EPEEN!

  11. irebel
    July 2, 2015

    Actually, it says OUKI on the phone, more specific the OUKI P5, not (yet) Oukitel..

  12. Andrei
    August 3, 2015

    mt6735 at 1,5 ghz not 1ghz is good and 720p display