OnePlus Cardboard will cost 99 INR in India (remains free for international users)

OnePlus will be launching their second phone i.e., the the OnePlus 2 on the 22nd this month. Since its OnePlus we’re talking about, the launch won’t be a run-of-the-mill media event, but something where even the ‘fans’ can participate.

OnePlus has now announced pricing details for the Cardboard (Google Cardboard alternative) for Indian buyers. The lightweight headset will be available to international customers (in countries where OnePlus ships) free-of-cost via the OnePlus online store; if you’re in India however, you’ll have to shell out 99 INR (US$1.5) plus shipping. International buyers too will have to pay for shipping.

If you aren’t in a mood to pay up, however, and feel lucky, there’s also a contest going on till the 3rd of July where OnePlus will be giving away 1000 sets of OnePlus Cardboard free of cost (and yeah, they won’t ask for shipping fees too). More information about the contest can be found on the OnePlus forums. On the other hand, India buyers can find info on the OnePlus blog about how to get the Cardboard via Amazon.

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