AOX Mobile tell us to “Forget Chinese” will launch “Taiwan Quality” phones from $60

aox mobile

Taiwanese start-up AOX plan to launch 2 new phones built to “Taiwan Quality” standards with 2GB RAM and large 4000mAh battery, not to mention OS portability!

The sight of a new brand with big ideas is a common one for us at GizChina. We see new Chinese brands and phones daily but today we received news of something a little different.

Start-up AOX (Android Odssey Xplorer) are a Taiwanese based brand who want fans to “Forget Chinese” and get ready for some “Taiwan Quality”. The details don’t end there though!

AOX will offer two new phones and plan to launch them in Hong Kong, and through retail stores in Dubai and India. The models will only cost $60 and $100 in store yet boast 2GB RAM, 4000mAh battery with Sharp JDI displays and Sony camera sensors all wrapped in an alloy chassis.

So what about this OS portability feature? Well according to AOX they are focussed on sleek and handy phones featuring multiple OS portability including Android, Ubuntu and Cyanogen. We don’t know if this means a dual boot type of arrangement or if it means separate phones running different OS, but which ever it is the prospect for such a well equipped and low costs phones are certainly enticing.

[ AOX Mobile ]
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