Elephone pit the Elephone P8000 against the Meizu MX5

elephone p8000 vs meizu mx5

Elephone have gotten their hands on the latest Meizu MX5 and put it head to head with their own Elephone P8000, with both running Flyme 4.5. Let’s check out the video.

Elephone have taken Meizu’s latest Flyme OS, version 4.5 and ported it to their Elephone P8000, and filmed a video of their phone running side by side with the flagship Meizu MX5.

Design and specifications of these phones are rather different from one another. The MX5 for example has an alloy unibody design while the Elephone P8000 has a removable rear panel. Both phones have Mediatek processors, LTE and 5.5-inch displays, but the specs of the MX5 are in a slightly different league to the Elephone.

Meizu MX5 vs Elephone P8000

If you didn’t bother with the video above then the main points to take away from it are as follows.

  • The AMOLED display of the Meizu MX5 looks rather nice in the video.
  • Both The Elephone P8000 and MX5 run Flyme 4.5 very smoothly.
  • The Meizu MX5 suffers the usual Meizu trait of getting overly hot (the Elephone P8000 is only slightly cooler).
  • The MX5 is lighter than the Elephone, but the Elephone P8000 has a much larger 4150mAh battery.

In all honesty it is an odd comparison. Someone in the market for the Elephone P8000 wouldn’t likely also be interested in the Meizu MX5 flagship as pricing of the two phones are separated by a huge chasm.

On the other hand the P8000 does look to run Flyme pretty well, and with a finger print scanner, overall similar size and larger battery might be a good alternative to the Meizu for those on a budget.

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The idea of running an alternate OS on more affordable hardware reminds me of a Hackintosh, is the Elephone P8000 a worthy Hackinzu?

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