Video: Bluboo X500 now officially named the Bluboo Xtouch

bluboo xtouch

Bluboo say that their Bluboo Xtouch (the new name for the X500) is “probably the best 5-inch smartphone so far!”.

Bluboo have released a short intro video of their new Bluboo Xtouch along with an email stating that they believe it to be “probably the best 5-inch smartphone so far!”. We don’t know if their claim is valid yet, but from the video the design and build looks to be headed in the right direction.

What we see in this intro of the Xtouch is a phone with similar alloy chassis and curved rear glass styling to the 5.7-inch Xiaomi Mi Note. If Bluboo have indeed managed to take what Xiaomi did with the Mi Note and recreate it with a 5-inch display then I am sure many of us are going to be listening intently.

Bluboo are keeping us in the dark in regards to the full specifications, but they have revelled that the front panel will feature a fingerprint scanner and similar features to Lenovo’s ZUK Z1.

More Bluboo Xtouch news as we get it.

[ Bluboo ]
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