We are giving away phones everyday to countdown the launch of the GizChina Shop

gizchina shop

We are giving away phones from today until the launch of shop.gizchina.com on the 13th July. The first phone up for grabs is a Xiaomi Mi4i!

If you are already part of the GizChina Core group on Facebook you will already have had a sneak peek at the GizChina store, if you this is all news to you then sit back while I quickly fill you in.

We have been asked by GizChina.com readers for years to open a shop, but it wasn’t until this year that we found a partner that we felt confident enough to work with. GizChina Shop, shop.gizchina.com, will be ran by a professional and dedicated E-commerce team, who already have facilities in China, HongKong and Europe for ease of shipping and customer service. Having a dedicated team run things means that myself, Yash and the gang can continue to concentrate on the media side of GizChina.com for the latest news and reviews.

The store is almost ready to go public with and with an official launch date scheduled for Monday 13th July we have decided to run a giveaway a day on the shop.gizchina.com Facebook page as a run up to launch.

Today, is the first day and we are offering a Xiaomi Mi4i up for grabs. All we ask you to do is head over to the shop.gizchina.com Facebook page and comment on “Which Smartphone Brand would you like to buy from Shop.Gizchina?”. We would also appreciate it if you like our page and also share the this and the following giveaways (entirely your choice).

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We will choose winners at random and will be offering different smartphone prizes each day. So far we have confirmed we will be giving away a Xiaomi Mi4i, OnePlus One, LeTV Le 1 and at least 3 more phones (great prizes I am sure you will agree).

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and take part!

[ shop.gizchina.com ]
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