Gizchina shop giveaway update!

As most of you know, the Gizchina online shop is slowly shaping up nicely, our giveaways have been very active and so far we’ve given away two phones already! You guys have been giving us great feedback and we appreciate that immensely. Now for some updates on the giveaways!

The  giveaway currently going at is the OnePlus One which still has a few hours before it ends, so get over there as quickly as you possibly can! The next phone that will be up for grabs will be the Zopo ZP530 Touch, so be prepared for that on the shop.gizchina Facebook page.

For this weekend, we have a real treat for all of you commentators. The weekend giveaway prizes will be a brand new Meizu MX5 and a Bamboo Edition OnePlus One. The exciting part is that YOU will be the one who decides who will receive these devices, not a random choice generator. We will ask GizChina fans to vote for the GizChina commentor they feel deserves to win a phone the most, which means you, our lively community, will be the ones to pick the winners of the last two devices!

Interested? More details will be coming soon, so stay tuned and don’t forget to visit the Facebook page for the latest updates on our giveaways!

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