Xiaomi Mi 4i to get a Snapdragon 808 refresh?

It’s a known fact that the Snapdragon 615 powered Xiaomi Mi 4i isn’t the fastest (or coolest) phone to have released this year. Xiaomi seem to release that, and are reportedly planning a switch to another SoC for the phone.

What we’ve known as the Xiaomi Libra might soon be sold under the Mi 4i brand. If you aren’t aware, a Snapdragon 808 powered phone was spotted at a benchmarks database recently. Besides the hexa-core CPU, codename Libra also features 2GB of RAM.

That only points to one thing, and that is the fact that the device will be a mid-ranger… and Xiaomi aren’t known to kill their own products with new launches sooner than buyers would expect, so its highly likely that the Snapdragon 808 powered Libra will be the new face of the Xiaomi Mi 4i.

Besides the processor, the Xiaomi Mi 4i is known to be a top device with a better than average build and a display worth dying for. A cooler, better performing SoC is the only thing that could make the Mi 4i even worthier.

Please note nothing’s official as of yet. We do believe this will be the new Mi 4i though, but stay tuned for more official news nonetheless.

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