Huawei revenue soars 30 percent for H1 2015

Since rumors continue to swell about the state of the next Nexus devices, one of which Huawei is rumored to make, tech enthusiasts may wonder why Google intends to partner with Huawei for one of its upcoming devices. Google’s plans in China may indeed be one major factor, but to find another, you need only look at Huawei’s financial announcement today.

The company issued a statement this morning that its revenue had soared 30% in its year-on-year (YoY) total for the first half of 2015, with the company raking in 18% in its operating margin, bringing the company’s revenue up to 175.9 billion yuan (or $28.3 billion USD). While this year’s profit margin is slightly below the company’s profit gathered in the last six-month total (18.3%), it is strong and stable and shows that Huawei is weathering the worldwide economic decline in plateauing smartphone sales. Huawei says that its goal is to have a 20% increase in global revenue by the end of the year.

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Huawei has climbed to the top of the global charts in terms of smartphone manufacturers, with the company coming in as the third largest manufacturer worldwide. The company’s Android Wear smartwatch was a showstopper when it was unveiled, and Huawei’s $400USD price tag for the watch sends a message to Motorola and LG that it, too, can make gorgeous devices with a high-end price tag.

While Huawei is clearly capable of doing this, the company has its sights set on the American market, with a desire to break through the Samsung-Apple duopoly and create room for a third competing manufacturer. Huawei’s financial report and its image as the up-and-coming mover and shaker in the smartphone business may have everything to do with the partnership.


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  1. Joel Mercedes
    July 24, 2015

    I have bought 3 ECOO AURORAs, 2 e04 2gb and 1 3gb wich is my daiy driver…. Perfect to me WOULD be: on the same looking Aurora device: OIS Camera with better software to control the camera output, 2 color LED notification (with White being able to serve as selfie complement), 4400+mah Battery, the SAME place of the fingerPRINT reader but icrease the size up to a meizu mx5 home button size for it, (i DO like the swaping thing, i feel it is more secure) and an update to the android that would let the backgroung of the appDrawer to be transparent.!!! ufff what a machine would that be… and i thit it would be very nice to ask $ 189.99 for ir at this times… but that is just my guess.