Siswoo team up with T-Mobile in German to offer the R8 Monster on contract

siswoo r8 monster

Siswoo’s continued focus on Europe has paid off once again with the up and coming phone maker penning a deal with T-Mobile in Germany.

After opening service centres in Spain, promising to offer European costumers top notch customer service, and working with Jazztel, Siswoo have now teamed up with network provider T-Mobile in German to offer one of their phones on contract.

Currently T-Mobile will be offering the Siswoo R8 Monster on contract with the operator as an affordable, yet powerful smartphone option. The Siswoo R8 Monster boasts a 1920 x 1080 FHD display, octacore Mediatek MT6595 chipset, 3GB RAM, NFC and a IR remote control.

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siswoo t mobile

The T-Mobile Siswoo R8 Monster package starts from 34.95 Euros rising to 49.95 Euros depending on the LTE network package customers decide on.

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  1. balcobomber25
    July 20, 2015

    Siswoo is capatalizing on the European market when for so many other brands it has been an afterthought. It’s the same way that Blu/Gionee has been doing in the US. Blu has been very successful at offering Chinese phones at value prices.

  2. monkeytree
    July 20, 2015

    I’m afraid an official deal with giant telco T-Mobile is not the case here. How it works in Germany (and lots of other European countries) is like this: a customer can buy a contract for a certain network from an independent reseller, in this case. Then the reseller throws in a mobile phone with the contract. Of course the customer actually pays for the phone during the contract period (in many cases even more than the phone sells for without contract), although lots of people aren’t aware of that.
    Usually the reseller offers deals for the same phone with several different networks. In this case with 6 other networks, including big players Vodafone and O2.
    So not T-Mobile, but German reseller has teamed up with Siswoo. Which is remarkable in itself

    • July 23, 2015

      You do know something Monkeytree! but we all don’t know much details about this. Anyway I think it’s a big step for a young company like SISWOO and I’m curious about its next step.

      • monkeytree
        July 23, 2015

        I do very much agree, @Vic. It is interesting to see Siswoo on it’s way to the European mainstream. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to use LTE Band 20 in your phones

  3. July 20, 2015

    Yep, no partnership with T-Mobile going on here

  4. Guido Rost
    June 5, 2017

    „Vielen Dank für die hilfreichen Hinweise …,