ZMI’s powerbank also boasts built-in LTE and WIFI hotspot

zmi power bank

We have seem a number of powerbanks offered since Xiaomi got in on things, but the latest from China is the ZMi with big power, USB and even LTE modem.

The ZMi branded accessory was recently spotted on TENAA receiving network approval and boasting a built-in portable model allowing support for LTE, 3G and GSM networks. The included WIFI means that the powerbank can also act as a personal WIFI hotspot while traveling and will also power up your handheld devices.

On the battery side of things there is a 7800mAh battery, a single USB and plus LED notification lights for signal strength, WIFI and remaining power. No official launch date or price has been announced but insiders are claiming the powerbank will cost 500 Yuan.

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