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The chinese brand No.1 is probably well known to most of us as the machine gun style producer of smartwatches and smart wearable products. But …

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Energizer Power Max P20

Avenir Telecom under the renowned Energizer® brand launched the Power Max P20: the feature phone with huge battery capacity and a built-in power bank function …

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dodocool powerbank

The dodocool brand is most certainly producing an insane amount of accessories so it makes all the sense in the world that powerbanks are also …

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Do you think the 10.000 mAh phones are really the monstrous and extreme ones concerning the battery capacity ? Well you will soon be forced …

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Dodocool DA69 solar charger

Tired of having to charge both your smartphone and the power bank that goes along with it? Then we might have a solution for you: …

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Blackview P2 Lite

Smartphones equipped with huge batteries are becoming more and more popular as the people tend to value the endurance over sheer aestethics and performance. And …

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ELEPower Thunder

The new Elephone powerbank ELEPower Thunder is finally available for real and because it looks like they really seem to hit the jackpot with all …

ELEPower Thunder

The proper name of the first Elephone powerbank product is still somewhat confusing, but we will stick to the official website canon so i guess …

ELE Thunder

First Elephone powerbank product is here and the chinese manufacturer is trying to enter the market in style with ELE Thunder, because it’s just overflowing …


Sometimes even the biggest traditionalists are looking for trying new things and it’s quite often not a bad idea. Just like Chuwi, who are known …

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We have learned about the new product from the branching out Elephone expansion some time ago and the new Thunder powerbank looked quite interesting in …

Elephone portfolio is already pretty extensive, but the chinese manufacturer is still not happy. So they are planning yet another new thing and this time …

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Even tho the Elephone powerbank with the 10000 mAh capacity and Ele-Power name has been introduced already over half a year ago it’s still available …

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Xiaomi’s online store briefly listed a huge 20,000mAh powerbank this morning that is likely to go on sale for the 11/11 singles day.

GetOne are holding another deal that seems just too amazing to be true, Xiaomi power banks at just $9.99!

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zmi power bank

We have seem a number of powerbanks offered since Xiaomi got in on things, but the latest from China is the ZMi with big power, USB and even LTE modem.

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meizu powerbank

Later today Meizu are expected to launch the Meizu MX5 and possibly the Meizu m2, but not this powerbank which Le Nan informed fans won’t be released today.

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meizu meilan smartwatch leaked

Meizu have posted new teasers today which point at a up to 4 additional accessories that might be unveiled during the 2nd June launch.

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huawei powerbank, supercharge

Everyone and their postman is following Xiaomi in to the powerbank accessory market, now Huawei are here with their own 13000mah model.

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meizu battery

Meizu are following Xiaomi’s lead (once again) and are preparing to to release an affordable powerbank of their own.

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