Take a look under the hood of the ELEPower Thunder

ELEPower Thunder

The proper name of the first Elephone powerbank product is still somewhat confusing, but we will stick to the official website canon so i guess it really should be ELEPower Thunder. With that out of the way we can take a slightly more detailed look inside the powebank.

ELEPower Thunder utilizes the new LG Chem 18650 battery cells and each of the five cells has a 3350 mAh capacity, the charge cut-off voltage is 4.35V (0.05V), discharge cut-off voltage is 2.5V, the internal resistance of batteries is below 50 mΩ and the maximum discharge current is 4.65A. LG apparently also improved significantly the density, because it’s up to 725 Wh/L and each cell weighs only 2g more than the previous generation 2600 mAh cell.


All in all we have a 16.000 mAh powerbank with some cutting edge technologies like Qualcomm’s QC 3.0 and dual-way fast charging. Add some fancy metal &  rubber design and reasonable price it’s surely one of the most interesting powerbanks released in 2016. Currently is available in a presale offer at Gearbest for $44.99 and if you would be interested to know just click this link to guide you to the official website.

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