Ulefone working on 13.000 mAh battery phone Power Max

Do you think the 10.000 mAh phones are really the monstrous and extreme ones concerning the battery capacity ? Well you will soon be forced to rethink this, because allegedly Ulefone is planning to expand on their big battery phones lineup with a model trumping any other released so far. So how big can it be ?

Ulefone are actually working on two big battery phones, but the first will be just the new generation of current model with  Ulefone Power 3 and it should be sporting the same 6050 mAh capacity as its predecessor. But the other model named Ulefone Power Max should be packing 13.000 mAh battery and that would quickly get us more or less into the real powerbank territory. It should be the first phone ever running around with such big battery and it’s supposed to be released later this year.

While waiting you can always satisfy your big battery phone thirst with the already tried and tested Ulefone Power 2 model, which is currently discounted for example on the Spanish Amazon Store (€189 with UER9AYYP coupon code) or British Amazon Store (£159 with 2IE7CXJM coupon code). The offer is valid up until October 15th.

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