Elephone ELE-Power 10000 mAh powerbank is still available

Even tho the Elephone powerbank with the 10000 mAh capacity and Ele-Power name has been introduced already over half a year ago it’s still available at the reseller stores and with the coming holiday and vacation time maybe some power hungry travellers could need a piece of just that.

ELE-Power offers two USB charging ports, one micro-USB port for the powerbank recharge and the power button. The rounded design offers better grip and comfy holding, although that’s not how you usually need to operate the powerbank 🙂 It’s available in few color variants and offers even a LED light usable as a flashlight with up to 180 hour endurance and 4 small LED battery indicators.

You can find all the tech spec details of ELE-Power here and you can get it now for just $19.99.

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