More information and specs of the ElePower Thunder

We have learned about the new product from the branching out Elephone expansion some time ago and the new Thunder powerbank looked quite interesting in the pictures even though we didn’t know too much about the specs. But feeling the fan pressure on the forums Elephone decided to release some of the specs so we can have some idea about the device.

ElePower Thunder powerbank should have quite hefty 16000 mAh capacity and more importantly it should support the QC 3.0 quick charge making it more viable for the modern smartphones, The QC 3,0 technology should be roughly four times faster than the QC 2.0 so quite some speedy Gonzalez working.

The powerbank should be also equipped with dozen overheating, short circuit and surge protections so perfectly viable for safe usage. Elephone also claim they tested the powerbank against some competition after 500 charging cycles and while the other ones retained only about 30-50 % of the capacity, Thunder still ruled with about 80 %. That’s allegedly thanks to using the LG chipset and technology.

Elephone want to aim high with the ElePower Thunder and let’s hope the quality is going to be there, because so far it sounds really promising.

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