Meizu M2 comes to the Antutu party with 28,047 points

meizu m2 note

Meizu are launching yet another device at the end of the month with many insiders believing it will be a new budget Meizu m2 model.

It’s rather difficult to understand why, but Meizu have released replacements for the MX4, M1 note and a successor to the budget m1 is due too. The Meizu M2 will follow the same formula as current new Meizu models with a slight update to the overall design of the 5-inch phone and addition of a physical home button.

We don’t know all the details but a newer model quad-core Mediatek chip seems likely, along with 2GB RAM and the same 13 mega-pixel rear camera as the previous m1. In fact new Antutu benchmarks which show a score of 28,047 seem to confirm the use of a low-power 1Ghz Mediatek processor.

28,047 points doesn’t seem all that much, but as long as the phone is stable and has no lag, we have found that many phones over 25,000 points are great daily drivers. It does of course remain to be seen if the M2 will ever launch outside of China, the original M1 didn’t.

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