UMi eMax now available with 20% discount on Amazon

umi emax amazon

While it is getting more and more simple to buy a Chinese phone, it is nice to see manufacturers teaming up with brand name sellers just as UMi have done with Amazon.

UMi seem to be going from strength to strength with plenty of new phones already on sale, updates on the way and a couple of exciting devices in the pipeline. Not happy with just making products, UMi have also built a cool PC suite for updating and backing up your phone, and also have an active community online.

The next step to improve is the distribution and sales of their phones for international customers a step UMi are making by offering their eMax on Amazon to select European countries.

Announced over on their Facebook page UMi have posted links to sales pages of the eMax in the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain. U.S customers aren’t left out either with the phone open to order on that side of the pond too (but check network compatibility first).

To celebrate UMi have are also offering a 20% discount on Amazon orders using the coupon code MGC9S8QY. For more details head over to the UMi Facebook page for the links.

[ UMi Facebook ]
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