Here are first photos of the stylish UMi Hammer S

The UMi Hammer S is UMi’s second attempt at making a near-indestructible phone. Rugged phones have been around for ages, but UMi’s trying to give rugged a touch of style with the Hammer series.

The first-generation Hammer was a fairly robust piece of kit with a decent design. We put the robustness to test, the result of which you can check here. The Hammer S seems like a device that is a lot better looking that the first-gen model… that’s what we can tell from these leaked pictures of the phone.

UMi Hammer S: First Photos

Quite clearly, UMi has taken inspiration from the iPhone 6 (Galaxy S6?) for the edges but it does make for a pretty phone nonetheless.

The Hammer S will have a USB Type-C port, something that only the LeTV phones and the upcoming OnePlus 2 feature. Besides that, a listing of the phone on reseller site CooliCool also confirms that it’ll have the MediaTek MT6735 quad-core CPU… which will be a bit of a disappointment for some.

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Nonetheless, we’re just glad that rugged phones (at least semi-rugged) are starting to look like real phones and not thick bricks!

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