Purported Xiaomi Arch, curved glass flagship leaked

xiaomi arch

Could Xiaomi’s Mi5 be codenamed the ‘Arch’ and boast a curved front glass panel? Take a look at this leak and let us know what you think!

When I first got my hands on the Xiaomi Mi Note I thought the reason behind the curved rear glass panel was a great design and manufacture exercise for a future flagship with curved front panel. The fact that the Xiaomi Mi Note’s rear curve is very similar in the degree, and execution as the Samsung Glaxy S6 had me all the more certain.

samsung galaxy s6 edge
Galaxy S6 Edge on the left Mi Note on the right

Today a photo posted by popular Weibo user @KJuma points at just such a device. Apparently the image is of a smartphone known by Xiaomi insiders as the Xiaomi ‘Arch’. The name obviously relates to the curved front.

I am a bit suspicious of the photo though. The overall phone shape and style looks just like the Xiaomi Mi3, massive bezel and the a 5-inch (ish) front panel. Take a look at the right side where the glass has a suggested curve and the photo looks photoshopped to the Nth degree! (zoom in and take a look yourself).

xiaomi arch

That’s not to say a curved glass Xiaomi phone isn’t in the works, just that I very much doubt this is a genuine leak.

Xiaomi are no doubt working on the Xiaomi Mi5, which will continue the companies tradition of offering high-end hardware at a low price. The Xiaomi Mi5 is due to be launched sometime in October, but we are waiting for official launch details.

[ GizChna.it ]
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