Funtouch OS ported to Elephone P7000, demoed in a video

elephone p7000 bend

Elephone might not be everyone’s favourite phone makers, but the company does have an eye for the ‘in’ thing. In this case, it is the fact that users love to have different ROM options for their phones.

The P7000 has already been reported to run a multitude of different Android forks. Today’s bit shows us the phone running Vivo’s Funtouch OS. Elephone have also posted a five and a half minute video showing the device in operation.

ROM updates such as this one should also give owners of the P7000 some respite, after Elephone announced the P8000 not long after the device came out. If not official support, it does seem as though there will be enough community support for users of the Elephone P7000.

If you own a P7000 and would like to try out this Funtouch OS based ROM for the device, you can find instructions and the required download files on the Elephone forums.

Unlike other Chinese OEM ROMs, Funtouch OS is actually known to be pretty resource friendly.

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